Grand ave Ruckus DMSC
Grand Ave Ruckus
is a new brass band featuring local Des Moines musicians. The nonet brings southern New Orleans’ inspirations to the Midwest. They have played a few shows here at DMSC and we are extremely excited to have them back for BASH!



In early 2016 a group of musicians, music educators, and music students from central Iowa went looking for an exciting new musical experience. Mostly brass players steeped in the traditions of classical music and academia, they were looking for a fresh vehicle through which to express themselves. Inspired by groups like Tower of Power, Youngblood Brass Band, Jackson 5, and The Soul Rebels, the group set out to put something together that would be as much fun to play in as it was to listen to. A couple of months, many late nights, and plenty of shared beers later, Grand Ave Ruckus was born! They’ve been maintaining a busy performance schedule since March, and are planning on touring and recording an album next year.


The best part of Grand Ave Ruckus is their ability to have fun.  It’s hard to listen to this band without getting a smile on your face!

If you’re ready for a ruckus, be sure to follow them on their social pages!


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