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Artist Spotlight: Laura Ernst

Defying gravity isn’t easy, but if you were to watch Laura Ernst perform you would never guess how difficult it really is. Ernst is another one of our amazing instructors here at DMSC. She teaches several different classes including aerial, juggling, tumbling, cyr wheel and a circus day with the DMSC Jr. kids. Her love for circus has given her many great opportunities and allows her to pass her skills on to others.

Ernst first learned how to juggle when she was in middle school. The skills she was learning quickly increased in difficulty and took much longer to learn, so she picked up other skills including hula hooping, unicycling and poi. She learned her skills with aerial fabric while living in Washington DC. While in DC, Ersnt met an aerialist. In exchange for teaching her how to juggle, her new friend taught her aerial fabric. Ernst has since been training in every city that she has lived in to build her skills.


Ernsts’ skills have taken her to a lot of interesting places like Germany, the Bahamas and even the live audition stage for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. This was a different kind of performance, one that was a little scarier than most would be.


“Usually when I’m in front of an audience we have a common goal, they want to be entertained, and I want to entertain them. For America’s Got Talent, they had hands over the buzzer ready to judge me for anything that could go wrong.”


Ernst is originally from Dubuque, IA and has spent a lot of time traveling with her husband, Ryan. After deciding to get married, they came back to Iowa to settle down. In 2012 Ernst started teaching at DMSC and has been here ever since. Ernst loves teaching at the Social Club and enjoys watching people succeed and have fun in her classes.


“I love watching people surprise themselves. They come into class not sure how it’s going to go, and over time they overcome fears to find out they have these superpowers that they never knew about. There’s nothing better than watching someone get excited about nailing a trick for the first time, or posting pictures and saying how much fun they had.”


Written by Alicia Wagner.

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