In honor of the Mars Curiosity 7 minutes of terror, here are 7 reasons you can’t miss the heat at Fireball.

1) Keywords from Flam Chen contract: fuel, everclear, ammunition, scaffolds, water, kerosene, flares. <— HOT!

2) Fire is cool.

3) Simon Estes in the summer is always a good time.

4) Your friends will be there.

5) Kids 12 & under are free.

6) See the heat for yourself in our Fireball photo album.

7) Tickets are only $25.

It’s true… early bird tickets have sold out! Don’t worry, there are still general admission passes available for $25 per day. Make it an extra special night by going VIP for $50.

Buy tickets for Thursday, August 16
Buy tickets for Friday, August 17
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